Guiding & Speaking


Dean is now making himself available to work personally with a few select individuals and groups. Dean’s mission is to help others learn firsthand how to experience what it is like to go from a life that is mundane to one that is miraculous. His three decades of working with thousands of people as a clinical therapist combined with having overcome great personal tragedy has prepared him to be in the unique position to help you transform your life with powerful strategies that are proven and practical with “real people in real life situations.” What would you give to learn the step-by-step methods he has used to accomplish his world-records, recover from cancer and live life to its fullest? Who better to learn these lessons from than an experienced professional who calls himself “an ordinary man who has found the keys to unlock an extraordinary life?”


Dean’s story has the power to inspire any group young or old. His incredible life story is filled with special moments, meaningful lessons and the sort of miracles that can only be found in the sort world class record-setting adventures he has found a way to complete. How many times do you have the opportunity to book a speaker who can honestly claim that he/she is the “first person in the history of the world” to accomplish anything? Dean has the right to say this not just once, but twice…although, he never would. That’s not his style. Dean will just smile and tell you that he has achieved these extraordinary miracle swims while being entirely ordinary. He believes that if he can find a way to heal cancer twice without chemo or radiation, find true love, fulfill his dreams, set world-records and live out incredible adventures…anyone can! He would love to show you or your group how!